Annabelle Road

Short's Brewing & Old Forester Concert Series

Annabelle Road

Sat ยท November 4, 2017

8:00 pm

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

General Admission / Standing Room Only

Annabelle Road
Annabelle Road
With a big-as-the-room sound, the ability to rock the doors off the toughest clubs, the heart to keep a crowd hanging on every note and the party going till closing time, Annabelle Road blows in from the intersection where rural and urban sensibilities meet. Tapping Motor City's rich musical well by way of Butcher Holler, this barnstorming band fuses the best of rock and country seamlessly to their polished originals. Mass appeal is guaranteed from the rockers to the honky tonkers. It's trucker hats and big hair in a chopper shop. Moonshine on steel wheels. If you're ready to rock out on a Carrie Underwood-meets-Johnny Cash-by way of-Skynard trip, do not miss the opportunity to experience the joyride that is Annabelle Road.

Stars have aligned from the start for the members of Annabelle Road. Not many acts can claim being handpicked as "Next Big Star" finalists on Kenny Chesney's "Poets & Pirates" tour as their auspicious debut. In no time they had radio-ready single "Let You Bleed" in frequent rotation on Michigan's country dials--its airplay pre-selling out shows all over the state. Since then the group's electrifying stage presence has continued to captivate all comers, from Detroit's Downtown Hoedown to supporting heavyweights like Phil Vassar and Gretchen Wilson. "We keep knocking on doors that are too big to be knocked on and they keep opening," marvels front woman Amanda Bailey.

Made up of four dynamic and gifted young musicians--with vocalist Amanda beguiling the crowds, and guitarist Jeremy Temple, bassist Mike Zahler and drummer Donovan Tarjeft rocking hard as nails--Annabelle Road's infectious enthusiasm and tight sound come from an "all in, all or nothing" passion for entertaining. "Even if it means no sleep, playing five nights in a row," offers Jeremy, "it's what we do." Amanda takes that commitment up one notch even higher: "If my hair hasn't gone flat by the end of the set we haven't tried hard enough." Though a tour sponsorship by 5-hour Energy drink is still in the fantasy stages, this high-octane band lays it all on the line for a good time.

Cousins Jeremy and Donovan have honky tonk down deep for city folk, with both their Grandpa and Great Uncle having played the Grand Ole Opry in Hank Sr.'s day. The two cut chops in rock-n-roll bars, enjoying professional success playing blues, rock and R&B for several years before the familial muse called back. Amanda ditched performing at Disney World to follow her dreams with Annabelle Road. For her the move was a return home and to tradition in many ways: "Country is more a state of mind than a place. It's work, it's family, it's God."

Hot on the heels of this early success comes self-titled debut CD "Annabelle Road." The band celebrated release on sale June 5, 2010 in front of a packed house at Coyote Joe's in Shelby Township, MI, "We are SO EXCITED to put this album out!" says Amanda. "When we realized how many people were asking for OUR music on their ipod, we wanted to get in the studio more than ever." The tune "Big Time" with its fist-pumping chorus of "Everything I've got for one shot, for the big time!" is a hardworking band anthem already. According to Annabelle Road, the song is about "giving 120% to accomplish your goals, no matter what. It's about believing in yourself, working hard, having a tough shell and never giving up!" Take it from a friend, "Annabelle Road" is the best to come out of Michigan in a country mile. This album brings it straight from the heartland to those of you who wish you never left.
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Otus Supply
345 E Nine Mile Road
Ferndale, MI, 48220