Pajamas wsg: The Clock Reads
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Pajamas wsg: The Clock Reads

The Clock Reads
Ages 18+
Pajamas is the Ann Arbor, Michigan based trio that creates a unique blend of improvisational rock, funk and fusion.

Pajamas is the Ann Arbor, Michigan based trio that creates a unique blend of improvisational rock and funk music. Their creative sound is born from a cohesive musical relationship. With Earth shattering slap bass lines and delicate harmonics, soaring guitar and a flurry of technical grooves, Pajamas is ready to take off in any direction at a moments notice.


"I think that my finally coming around to this genre came from a handful of mid-Michigan area bands that have revitalized Jam... That includes this band Pajamas, an Ann Arbor trio that have this mellow, melodic, smooth groove going on. Crisp, warm tones and harmonies and croony, cool vocals and really tight instrumental chemistry between them. Kind of arranged for psych rock but also softer jazz vibes." - Jeff Milo (Current, WDET)

"This jam-heavy group know how to make you groove (with or without pajamas). The guitar is melodic and jazzy with epic bass runs and rhythmic drums, all with their own unique style. We’d love to see what these guys have in store in terms of a full-length release (fingers crossed!). They’re definitely masters of their craft and will most likely pajama-jam your socks right off." - CW50 Detroit Proud Playlist

The Clock Reads, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, is a Jazz-Rock outfit that draws on a diverse range of musical tastes to form their unique sound. Formed in 2013 and fully fledged by 2014, the band is comprised of graduates from the University of Pittsburgh.

The Clock crafts their sound from the music that is constantly surrounding their lives. Their arsenal of original tunes is as varied as their musical tastes. The backbone of their sound is formed by tight communication through improvisation, often allowing the band to transcend the “known” and “recognizable” into uncharted territory. This energy creates an exciting environment for both the band and the audience.

The Clock Reads has quickly made a name for themselves in the local music scene, playing major venues throughout Pittsburgh, selling out local shows, and playing festivals in the surrounding areas.

Venue Information:
Otus Supply
345 E. Nine Mile Rd
Ferndale, MI, 48220