Legato Gusto
Otus Supply

Legato Gusto

Ages 18+
Venue doors open at 7:00PM and show starts at 8:00 PM. For dinner reservations otussupply.com or call 248-291-6160

Legato Gusto is a band that will take you on a musical journey. They are a band

that you can dance to, with hypnotic, funky, feel-good rhythms, and high-energy,

heavy-hitting soloists to fill the musical canvas in all the right spaces. With a

sweet, soulful side, they add atmospheric textures, rich harmonies, contemplative

lyrics, all while blending musical styles, sure to feed the mind, heart and soul,

tying the overall sound together like a giant musical tapestry with many colors

woven throughout.

Venue Information:
Otus Supply
345 E. Nine Mile Rd
Ferndale, MI, 48220